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How much does SEO cost?

The cost of SEO (website positioning), should be included in the marketing budget of any company that expects to get traffic from a search engine. SEO is one of the pillars of online marketing today and a very effective way to be visible in SERPs. Good visibility in Google, in turn, means valuable customers... 

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How to find the best CMS for SEO in 2021

Finding the best CMS for SEO is not an easy task. Like buying your breakfast cereal, there are loads upon loads of options, each one doing something a little different than the last. While each content management system is different, some are the go-to options for a reason. Entry-level options focus... 

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How long does SEO take?

The title question is one of the most (if not the most) discussed in the context of SEO. There is nothing strange about it. When we put a lot of time and effort into positioning, also money, it is natural that we want to see results. So when can you expect them?What does the time of website positioning... 

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Matt Malinowski’s Stack SEO

For a specialist, when it comes to work, good tools are half the battle. The other half is how they use them. A specialist can also be recognised by having his own set of tools, which he or she operates like no one else. What does my kit look like and why do I use it? I invite you to a quick presentation... 

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How to improve your website position in Google?

Create a user and robot friendly website Google’s primary task is to serve users with content that will fully meet their needs. Before you start working on the substantive and content layer of the website, first take care of the way it actually looks. Think about the structure and placement of... 

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How to find reasons for your ranking drops and how to fix it

Every day we strive to increase the position of our website in the search engine. However, it happens that ranks, instead of getting higher, fall. What might be the reasons for all this? Whose fault is it? What should I do then? How can an SEO specialist help us? And above all: should we panic when our... 

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