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Local SEO – effective tips & strategies

You spent your talent, energy, time, and money on building your business. But do your customers know that it exists? How they can find your business? Relax — there is no need to panic. The good news is that customers are continuously searching for goods and services in their area, and it’s local... 

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What is the technical SEO?

Technical SEO is a process in which technical elements of a website are analyzed. Technical recommendations, which are implemented as a result of an SEO audit, make search engines, especially Google, perceive the website better. In the case of a large accumulation of technical errors, the websites tend... 

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Internal linking – why does it matter?

No matter which industry you operate in, internal linking is an important ranking factor. When working on SEO optimization, the most time-consuming process is internal linking, directing the “power of SEO” to those pages that we want to appear higher in the search engine results… Automatic... 

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Off Site SEO factors – DIY link building

How many off-site factors are there? “I know, but I won’t say because in fact I don’t know” – this quote can be used to start and actually, end answering this question. Nobody really knows exactly HOW MANY elements create Google algorithms, let alone how many off site factors are there.... 

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11 tools for effective website analysis

What is an SEO audit? Before we talk about the importance of SEO audit for a proper website functioning on the Internet and about the tools with which you can do so, we will answer the question of “what it actually is?”. SEO audit is important for the proper functioning on the Internet. It’s... 

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Effective SEO tactics boosting the traffic

Google Search Engine potential If you want to be visible online and you like to make money thanks to your site, then conducting and maintaining an SEO audit doesn’t guarantee anything. It is merely the first step towards SEO – positioning of the optimization of the service matching the search... 

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