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Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit is a website audit that is designed to verify how a page is indexed on Google. Experts from Fabryka Marketingu will analyze every element of your website to make it appear as high as possible in search results.


SEO Agency – Fabryka Marketingu

What is the Technical SEO Audit?

It is a process in which we carefully analyze all technical aspects of a website. The result of this analysis is a collection of recommendations, the enrolling of which removes the pre-existing mistakes and errors. The main point of the Technical SEO Audit is to improve the indexation of a website for it to achieve higher positions in the search engines. What are the most important effects of the Technical SEO Audit?

The website is running faster.

The site is clearer and provides higher value for both the search engines and visitors.

It indexes quickly, and thus achieves a higher position in search results.

These three aspects are the most important from the technical optimization point of view. A website is not only what we see at first glance. It is also -or mainly- a number of things invisible to the user. The role of the Technical SEO Audit is to provide an in-depth analysis of the way your website operates focusing on the technical aspect and to offer the most effective solutions possible. Implementing these solutions makes it possible to bring the website up to speed with the latest standards.