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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the best way to achieve high results in search engines. By having a well-optimized website, you will be able to boost the amount of traffic by up to 38% within the first six months of implementation.


SEO Positioning – Fabryka Marketingu

What is SEO Positioning?

SEO is a list of activities aimed at increasing the visibility of your website in search engines such as Google. The goal of positioning is simple – to ensure that after entering a query into a search engine, the first thing the user finds is your website. Effective SEO aims to increase the number of visits on your website and, as a result, increase customer interest in your product or service. This ultimately translates into increased sales!

Keyword Selection

First, we choose the keywords that are the most prospective for your business and should bring the largest sales increases.

SEO Audit

We will conduct an audit of your website and, if you wish, cooperate with you with its implementation. With this, we improve elements of your site such as headers, meta tags, content, internal links, URL addresses and many other things.


We saturate the content with key phrases and optimize them under the SEO angle. When deciding to engage in SEO, you can be sure that the effects will be lasting and tangible and that the investment in positioning will pay off significantly. We have extensive experience in developing big brands, so we are sure of the effectiveness of our services. We treat each project individually and our optimization proposals are based on your business goals.

Deciding for SEO you can be certain that the effects will last and be visible and the investment in positioning activities will return itself with an interest. We have an extensive experience in developing big brands, that’s why we are certain of the effectiveness of our offered services. We treat every project individually and our optimization offers are based on your business goals which guarantees a satisfying effect.